About Me

The Women Behind the Lens

Most days you can find me editing in my office or snuggling my dog, well and sometimes my husband. I am mostly known for being an out going passionate women who puts her everything into each part of your session, and known for laughing with you through it all. I love serving the world by empowering and encouraging women, loving Jesus and using my position to donate to those who need it and to spread awareness of the issues women face from a child into adulthood. When I am not busy shooting (that means photographing, although I will shoot the occasional skeet as well) I am eating Ms. Vicky Salt and Vinegar Chips and Netflixing. You may also see me go on the occasional adventure to travel and explore new places. The things Iā€™m most passionate in life for are, lifting up others in a world that is so self conscious and self damaging. We are in a time where it is so easy to see and talk to others and also where people would consider themselves the most lonely and depressed. As a Boudoir Photographer I focus on self worth and taking the time to encourage each and every women who comes into my studio. As a wedding photographer I find it so important to be your right hand women and friend through out the entire event and to make your day run smoothly.