Boudoir Photography | Fort St. John and Dawson Creek


Boudoir Photography is so much more then intimate photos to gift your husband. I believe in empowering women and teaching them how to love their bodies and view themselves in new light. Your experience with me will start with a consultation to go over what to expect and calm nerves and get to know each other. It will then include a customizable session in my boudoir studio in Fort St. John BC. We will laugh together and lets be honest, laugh at me when I attempt to show you poses while holding my camera. Oh, and did I mention, its like hot yoga and you will be so tired after! I have been trained in posing for all body types and know how to pose you in the most flattering way for your beautiful figure. After your fun experience with me you get to go home, or go out with your hubby or girl friends after being all glammed out with hair and makeup. I will call you in to the studio a few weeks later to show you all of your stunning images and take our time looking through each one and appreciating your flaws and beauty before purchasing the perfect product for you. I could go on forever about this passion of mine but will leave it till your consultation with me.

Because I believe this is a very intimate and sensitive style of Photography I will not have viewing galleries public. I personally have chosen to focus on the empowerment and encouragement of women so galleries are open to women only under serious consideration to book.