Fort St John Wedding and Family Photographer and Videographer


The video Tyra and Braylan... wow captured way more than we could ever imagine. Every special little and big moment. Every emotion. Like when I say we can relive it.. I mean it! And that was a hard day to relive! Like the joy it brings us to show others! It’s the best video for a wedding that I’ve seen. I’m serious. And Ive seen TONNSSS.

It all started when…

I started doing some research to learn what brides wished they would have known for their wedding day, what they loved and hated and what they would do differently. I learnt a lot of amazing things I can do to go above and beyond for my couples and learnt a lot of what they wish they would have done differently. There was two common themes. If they didn’t hire a professional or hadn’t really viewed their website, they were often upset by their poor quality photos. The second was they wish they would have hired a Videographer. This got me thinking about my own wedding and how the one thing I would have done differently would have been investing money into a videographer.

Well I voiced these thoughts with my husband and showed him some incredibly talented Videographers work in the UK and he fell in love. Next thing you know we are spending our evenings watching wedding videos or moving on to the next online workshop to learn all the ins and outs of film.

We are so excited to say we now are offering Videography Services. Our most popular requests are for Wedding Films and Business Promo Films. Keep Scrolling to see our packages.

Wedding Videography